specialized in the realization online auctions
Developing communities since 2008

Who are we?

As a development agency we have a lot of experience and have segmented and further refined this way of providing services. We are specialized in the realization and construction of sector-oriented online auction and marketplaces, which are often focused on one subject or specific target group.

Each of our auction and marketplaces are developed and designed in house, in addition we specialize in building the corresponding search engines to make the data easy to search and visualize.

About Bonop
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Partner Program

It is quite simple to start making money with our partner program, sign up as a Bonop Partner. And share Bonop with your friends, colleagues and/or family. You can do this via social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but also via apps like Whatsapp etc.

You will receive a reward which we will pay directly into your Bonop account as soon as a customer you have brought in generates a sale.

How does it work?
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