What is a sales funnel or landing page?

With our Business platform you can easily create a perfect Landing page or Sales Funnel. Without any coding you can create a website which you can use to generate new leads or redirect people to a sales page.

What is a sales funnel or landing page?

Sales funnel or landing page  explained

A landing page is a simple website that you can use to generate new leads or sales. It consists of only one page where you can collect email addresses and or phone numbers. The goal of these pages is to generate leads while you pull prospects further into the sales funnel.

You can send visitors to your sales funnel from Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, or any source where you can expect a lot of traffic from and from there, you can show them your product, service or anything else you want to sell.

We advice to collect email addresses before you send a visitor to an affiliate page, because you can create a valuable database with potential customers. If somebody leaves his data, this will be stored in your Bonop Customer Relations Management (CRM) software tool.

Redirect to your website

A landing page works best if you offer a prospective customer a resource, such as an eBook, video or webinar. If you promise someone an ebook or video that will be useful to them, they are more likely to give away their phone number or email. That is why we offer optional redirects after a user filled in the form, you can send them to an unlisted video on YouTube, or to a download page where they can download your eBook.

Follow up funnel

You can create a new funnel for people that signed up before, with, for example a special offer. This will narrow down potential paying customers.

What is a sales funnel or click landing page?

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