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Latest version, august 2017

With this php / mysql script you start your own classifieds ads website.
To make it easy, we already added more than 1500 categories, but if you like, you can remove them just as easily.

Responsive online classifieds website CMS

You can choose to let users place ads for free, but you can also choose for different prices per category. For example, in the demo, listings in the category books are free, while an ad in the car category is more expensive than, for example Dating. This can all be set in the CMS backoffice.

Affiliate support CSV feeds

In the latest version, it is possible to load CSV (affiliate) feeds in the admin area. You can easily load a feed per category. This is ideal if you want to start an affiliate website, or would like to see your marketplace website quickly filled with a lot of ads.

Business subscriptions

Companies can buy "subscriptions" for a certain amount of ads. Companies do not have to pay per ad anymore, but can choose for a subscription to place a certain amount of ads. You can set in the CMS whether this can be a month, 3 months, half a year, year or 2 years, also how many ads can be posted, and of course the prices.

Some possibilities in the CMS area

Build in payment providers

Classifieds script chat system

Users can

Top Ads
Customers can choose for a Top Ad. Top Ads are shown at the top of the list and are extra noticeable. This increases the advertiser's sales opportunities. You have the choice how much users have to pay for a TopAd.

Ad duration
By default, ads are shown for 90 days, but you can edit this in the admin section. One week before the end of the ad, the ad owner will receive an email with an 'extension link'. This allows them to pay to extend their ad. If the owner does not renew, the ad will be automatically deleted.

And of course we have added an Sitemap for the search engines.

Demo admin/cms account?

You can find a demo of this script on:
A login to the CMS admin area is available via:
Every 60 minutes the demo will be reinstalled, so you try out every option. Some options are disabled, like the mass mailer.

Requirements: PHP 5.6 or higher (preferably PHP 7+), mysqli, htaccess, mod_rewrite and the possibility to access an external server via eg. curl, fopen or file_get_contents. If in doubt, contact your hosting provider.

Order the Classifieds script or do you need adjustments?

We deliver our classifieds script complete with installation on your server. Contact us if you need adjustments. We can change payments providers, the layout/template etc. But we also have a car module, to convert it to a car marketplace. Contact us for more information or a quote.

Contact us if you want to order this script, of if you have questions or other requirements.

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